Michael Corbett

Making the transition from Soap Opera Heartthrob to feature films has been easy for former YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS star Michael Corbett. With films THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD and ROMEO AND JULIET, SIOUX CITY, SECRETS OF THE PYRAMID, MATERNALLY YOURS, and VOYEUR released last year, and REASONABLE DOUBT coming out this fall, Michael has been very busy.

Corbett has certainly made his mark in daytime television, voted "Daytime's Most Lovable Cad" by PEOPLE MAGAZINE, for his red hot starring roles in three different Soap Operas. He first starred in RYAN'S HOPE, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW and for seven years he was known as the sexy womanizer David Kimball in the CBS #1 daytime ratings grabber in the US and Canada - THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. By sleeping with both a mother and her daughter Nina on the series, Michael's character is also currently steaming up the airwaves internationally, as Y&R is seen in over twenty countries worldwide.

Michael just completed working on REASONABLE DOUBT w/ Melanie Griffith and director Randall Klieser. Also out this past season, Michael appeared in ROMEO AND JULIET for 20th Century Fox, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Baz (STRICTLY BALLROOM) Luhrmann.

Premiering at Sundance, winner of the Seattle Film Festival, Michael starred in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, produced by Cineville Films for Sony Pictures and directed by Dan Ireland.

Directed by special effects genius, Doug Trumball (2001, BLADE RUNNER), SECRETS OF THE PYRAMID, the 50 million dollar action-adventure feature film, is enthralling viewers at the new Las Vegas entertainment complex sensation, the Luxor. They wait hours in line to view the thrilling adventure, in which Corbett stars as the classic swashbuckling action hero. The effects of the large-screen Showscan projections, multi-image video screens, and specially designed theater seats literally catapults the viewer into the story with the actors, creating a never-before felt excitement.

Also released last season is the feature film, SIOUX CITY. Starring and directed by Lou Diamond Phillips, SIOUX CITY won Best Film this year at the Houston Film Festival. Michael plays a red-neck cop involved in a murder cover up.

VOYEUR, the first interactive feature thriller, (Winner - Best Film - '97 Interactive Academy of Arts and Sciences) a Propaganda Films / Philips POV Production starring Corbett and Robert Culp, gives the viewer the opportunity to follow the character of choice, and change the outcome of the story. Corbett plays the son of Culp, a ruthless financier, who wants to run for the Presidency.

In addition to his very successful runs in the LA comedy smashes, DYING FOR LAUGHS, and IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU! last season, Michael filmed a new comedy pilot for FOX Television, DANGER THEATER, in which he plays a bumbling FBI agent. He also starred last season in the new CBS animated series SKELETON WARRIORS, lending his vocal talents to the hero of the show, and guest starred on STAR TREK - THE NEXT GENERATION as an alien scientist, Dr. Raball.

Upcoming on the acting front for MICHAEL is a trip to Sidney, Australia where SECRETS OF THE PYRAMIDS is due to open and the possibility of a sequel to the highly successful Douglas Trumbell film. MICHAEL has also signed a management/development deal with Vin Di Buona Productions, Media Arts Division, to find a sitcom, host or film project for him in the future. He has also signed a three year contract to endorse a new fitness product world wide and is currently the spokesman for the new DVD for Pioneer Electronics.

Beginning his career in NYC, within one week after graduation from the Boston Conservatory of Music and Drama with a BFA, Corbett had two Broadway show offers. He picked NEFERTITI over the revival of HAIR, and got to perform on Broadway for his very first professional job, but alas, only briefly. Still, that led to the Broadway companies of GREASE, COME BACK LITTLE SHEBA (starring Shirley Knight), the TV series CO-FEVER, and ultimately a long run in daytime TV on RYAN'S HOPE, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW , and THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.

Corbett may be the only actor in daytime TV who was killed off by jealous lovers on all three shows, as well as playing a character who was involved with two sisters in one show, and sleeping with both the mother and daughter in two other shows. A real family man!

Michael is also very successful in another area. He has a very lucrative Real Estate Company called Highland Properties. He buys residential properties and renovates them then sells the upgraded properties. He has always sidelined in real estate and renovation but now has combined the two into a very successful business.